Dog Training Services

Having a dog that is a pleasant living companion is rarely ‘just luck’. Skilled training gives you the tools to have a happier life with your dog, builds your relationship, and makes your dog happier, too, by making your expectations clear.

At Blue Rock Dog Training, we know that it’s natural to need a little help training your dog. They are complex, intelligent, and feeling creatures that require understanding and a positive approach to learning. We’re delighted to assist in the process of understanding your dog and guiding in their development.

Our motto is, “Experience combined with certified, positive techniques for the best possible dog training results.” Each element is critical, and they all work together…

  • Experience – we love dogs and we know how to train them effectively.
  • Certified – we’ve trained on how to train!
  • Positive Techniques – we never want a dog to be hurt in the interest of learning. They should leave a session having had fun, feeling encouraged, and having learned.
  • Best Possible Results – when dogs and people are happy together, it’s the best result we could ask for.

How Do We Work?

We Listen to You and Your Dog

Before we begin to develop a training program, we must discover together what the core issues and underlying behavior issues that must be resolved. We’ll sit together and share what you are experiencing with your dog. Is the family having a challenge adjusting to the dog? Is the dog unable to get along with family members or other animals, or acting out in certain situations?

Dogs speak through their behavior, and we understand how important it is to stop, observe, and listen to them. Learning to read what your dog is thinking and feeling is key to successful, positive behavior modification. Dogs sometimes act out because their handler doesn’t understand what they are feeling, or that they have a need that isn’t being met. We work to unlock the communication gap between dogs and their people, and will do whatever it takes to do so. Our programs are geared to getting the communication flowing, and the behavior where it needs to be.

We Educate People About Their Dogs

We not only train dogs, we train people to understand their dogs. There is so much misinformation and so many misconceptions about how to handle dogs that it’s no wonder some have a hard time managing them successfully. We break down our technique so that our clients will understand, and reinforce, our approach for the best long-term results.

Our Teaching Techniques

Much of dog training is also people training. Our dog trainers both guide and support the dog, and their handler/owner. Wherever possible, and where the client is willing, we let the owner perform the training of their dogs. This builds the bond and establishes the handler as the leader.

Our trainers use only positive reinforcement techniques, never pain or punishment. In this way, dogs are motivated to learn, and actually enjoy the process.

Through our in-home training and positive techniques, we will identify and meet your dog’s needs through personal attention and individual care. Our Group Class environment is less personalized, but offers socialization and foundational skills that may be just what your dog needs. We’ll decide together which is the best solution.

Private Training

Are you having challenges with your dog’s training, like house-training walking on a leash, excessive barking, hostility to other people and pets, mouthing, jumping on people, crate training, and more? Do you lack the time or flexibility to travel to classes? We also understand that some dogs have behavior issues that would make attending class difficult, or that only occur in the home or other location – we can work on those behavior issues where they occur.

Private sessions may be the answer for you. Together we’ll design a personalized training for your companion, whether he or she is a new puppy in need of “basic training”, or an adult dog needing intensive “boot-camp”.

We begin in-home private training with a 90-minute intake (learning) session. We gather history about your dog, what their daily routine looks like, any health issues, diet etc. Then we talk about your long-term goals for your dog, and for yourself as their person. Some clients even start before their new dog arrives, to get a jump on the training process.

We’ll create a customized training plan, including basic beginner exercises and homework for between sessions. We will review the basic program choices and then you decide if and how to proceed.

Private Training Costs

You have the option to receive training at home or in our Training Center.

Intake Session

  • At the Training Center – $155
  • In-Home – $175

Note that you could choose to not proceed with training after the Intake session, but most clients do move forward.

Follow Up to the Intake Session

  • At the Training Center – $100
  • In-Home – $120

Training – By the Hour

  • Training per Hour, at the Training Center – $100
  • Training Per Hour, In-Home $120

Training – Packages (Purchase 5 sessions and receive a discount!)

  • Package of 5, at the Training Center – $475 ($95/session)
  • Package of 5, In-Home – $575 ($115/session)
  • Package of 10, at the Training Center – $900 ($90/session, our best value!)
  • Package of 10, In-Home – $1,100 ($110/session)

Group Training Classes

Do you prefer an opportunity to train your dog around other dogs? Does your dog need socialization as well as foundational skills? Then join the fun in a group training class!

Learn more and view our schedule of available classes.

Barbara Eriksson is an IAABC Associate Certified Behavior Consultant.