Group Training Classes


Do you prefer an opportunity to train your dog around other dogs? Does your dog need socialization as well as foundational skills? Then join the fun in a group training class!

Group classes are great for dogs that need basic training, or need the opportunity to work around other dogs. For puppies, group class is an excellent opportunity to get in that critical socialization, as we learn foundational skills.  Classes last for 5 weeks.

Although they offer less flexibility and personalized attention than our private training, they are a fantastic social option for both dog and person. They are reasonably priced, and our scientifically-based, strictly positive-reinforcement style is fun for both you and your dog. Some classes even focus on just a single skill, allowing you to work on a specific training target such as Polite Leash-Walking or Recall. 

See our class options, below. If you are interested in one that is not currently on our schedule, please contact us.

Classes are held once a week, with 5 weekly sessions. Each class is 60 minutes long. Visit the Calendar to see when the next session is scheduled to begin. To register, click here.

Group Classes Costs

The cost for each of our courses is $160.00.


  • 5-week long course
  • Socialization for young (8-12 week old at start of class) puppies
  • Help with common puppy concerns such as crate training, housebreaking, chewing, mouthing
  • Learn to prevent problem behaviors before they start


  • 5-week long course
  • For dogs who haven’t had classes before/recently
  • Learn basic skills like polite greeting, polite leash, come when called,stay,etc.
  • Basic skills every dog needs to be a pleasure to have around


  • 5-week long course
  • Help with common puppy concerns such as crate training, housebreaking, chewing, mouthing
  • Learn to prevent problem behaviors before they start
  • Learn to train basic behaviors such as sit, down, polite greeting
  • Socialization


  • 5-week long course
  • Continue building on basic skills
  • Introduce Stay, Wait, Off, Watch Me
  • For dogs who have completed Beginner Life Skills


  • 5-week long course
  • For puppies who have completed Intermediate Puppy
  • Learn to adjust training through the challenging adolescent phase
  • Continue building manners in more distracting environments, including Off, Drop It, Target, Greeting Other Dogs
  • Socialization


  • 5-week long course
  • Continue building in Intermediate Life Skills
  • Introduce Stand for Exam, Dog-Dog Greeting, Heel, Drop It, Shaping
  • For dogs who have completed Intermediate Life Skills


  • 5-week long course
  • Your dog will learn how to walk without pulling on the leash
  • Fun exercises and games
  • Learn how to love walking your dog


  • 5-week long course
  • CGC is the gold standard for dog behavior and a requirement for some homeowner’s insurance and therapy dog programs
  • Learn and practice skills for the AKC Canine Good Citizen Test with guidance from CGC Evaluators
  • Last class will be the CGC test


  • 5-week long course
  • Fun exercises and games
  • Learn how to teach your dog to do tricks
  • Learn new ways to teach your dog everyday behaviours
  • Evaluation for the AKC Trick Dog Title is included at no additional charge


    • 5-week long course
    • Learn about the fun sports Rally and Competition Obedience 
    • Work on foundation abilities
    • Build your canine/human teamwork skills


  • 5-week long course
  • Teach your dog to come running when called
  • Games to make recall fun for you and your dog

Barbara Eriksson is an IAABC Associate Certified Behavior Consultant.

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