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“I’m Bored” – Part 1, Intro

“There’s nothing to do” Remember saying these things when you were a kid? I sure do! And, if your dog chews your shoes, spends the day poised at the window waiting to express his inner Cujo when neighborhood dogs walk by, creates whole-house artwork with the roll of...

“I’m Bored” – Part 2, Training

Training to Prevent Boredom in Pets Mental stimulation is at least as important as physical exercise for developing a well-rounded dog that is a pleasure to live with. Just as you might be tired after a few hours of challenging math problems or learning to drive with...

“I’m Bored” – Part 3, Feeding for Enrichment

Feeding for Enrichment, or, 'Ditch the Food Dish' Wild dogs spend their days foraging, exploring, digging, and playing, as well as resting. Domestic dogs often spend their days in the same environment day after day with little challenge or stimulation. Many dogs are...

“I’m Bored” – Part 4, Activities

Dogs Just Wanna Have Fun Dogs want to spend time with humans. That is what makes them such good companions. Planning time to do things together with your dog will go a long way toward keeping your dog content during the times you can’t be with him. Like what? Take a...

Feeding from Stuffed Bones

I recently had surgery to repair my ankle. So far, I’ve been on crutches for five weeks, with another three or four weeks to go before I can ditch the crutches. Our 12-year-old golden retriever thinks this is a perfect situation. He loves being able to spend 95% of...

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